Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jena Mari

I have this friend; she claims to be my best friend in fact. We spend every spare moment together, some by choice, others out of manipulated coincidences. It’s rather easy to do when you have the same major, similar interests, attend the same Bible study, are members of the same sorority, and happen to be interning at the same publishing company. Like I said, manipulated coincidences ;)

Most days I love her, but at times she can be a real ‘pain in the drain’ as she would put it (I still do not understand how a drain experiences pain, but she insists it does). When she is a being a pain, it’s usually when she’s trying to get me to do things that I probably should do, but would rather not, such as blogging.

I admire people who blog, people who are passionate about something and care enough to inform others. Other bloggers find peer pleasure in writing and entertaining others with their hobbies, interests, and everyday experiences. I have simply never felt that I have anything of great value to say, at least nothing important enough to consume a few moments of readers’ time.

But today, I was inspired. As I was reading over my dear friend Jena Mari’s recent blogs, I noticed she was kind enough to include me in one of her entries. I would have been honored … had she not misspelled my name. This has always been a barrier in our friendship. I know she loves me and cares for me, but my goodness, how hard is it to leave off that unnecessary ‘e’?

As I was creeping on Jena Mari’s Blogspot profile, I stumbled across something that intrigued me. She wrote, “I read with purpose and pleasure.” Fascinating! In reading this, I decided that I would finally give in to blogging and give her something to read that would satisfy both: the purpose of her reading my blog, to spell my middle name correctly, and for her pleasure, she will be in the spotlight. Jena Mari shamelessly admits that she loves attention. So I figure, what better way to thank her for inspiring me to blog, than to dedicate my first one to her?

Jena Mari often feels the need to include my middle name when addressing me, and she repeatedly adds an ‘e’ on the end of it. The humorous part is, once upon a time she spelled it correctly. She is certain there was a time when I told her it ended in an ‘e’. Since then, she claims she can never quite get it right. She even says that she contemplates whether or not it is spelled with an ‘e’ before typing it. My favorite is when she misspells it on facebook, where my middle name is blatantly spelled out on my profile. Poor girl.

Jena Mari has always been an exquisite speller, much better than me. I simply want her to uphold her reputation.

So, Miss Jena Marie, I am gracing you with this ridiculously long blog in hopes that you will never again add the unnecessary ‘e’.

Tiffany Ann (without the 'e')